About Empango celebration in Bunyoro Kingdom.

About the teenage mothers charity drive by Miss Greater Kitara 202223 Queen Tusiime Christine.

Mother’s Day means sharing with other mothers in support for the children to us.

Today Little Miss Greater Kitara 2022/23 Queen Princessa Frenisha has visited Kibate SDA primary school found in Fortportal and gave out school bags, books, pens/pencils and many more.

God could not be everywhere so He created Mothers!

As we celebrate Mother’s Day, we decided to make it special by visiting Toro Babies' Home in Fortportal to check on those children who are orphans and once abandoned with no mothers.

May God bless all the Mothers taking care of their lovely children.

Little Miss Greater Kitara 2022/23 Queen Princessa Frenisha enjoyed every minute of her time there.

A smile is the beauty of the Soul, therefore don’t forget to smile today!

Earlier this week our Little Miss Greater Kitara Tooro appeared in the Toto magazine, weldone Queen Kamukama Smiles Abwooli, we are proud of you .

Yesterday as we were preparing for Easter, Mr Greater Kitara 2021/22 King Agaba Dison together with Miss Greater Kitara Ankole 2022/23 Queen Dembe Halimah decided to visit a single Mother of 7 children and grant her support during this season in Ankole region.

The Mother and Children were so blessed by the act and narrated how they were going to fast on Easter due to lack of food.

Together the team carried with them other more essential items to use at home.

Let’s share the little we have with our neighbours during this Season.

The future lies in the hands of the children. Giving them time and sharing with them knowledge, advice, your adding on the future generation.

Miss Greater Kitara Bunyoro 2022/23 and team visited Flobetto Primary School Hoima where they were warmly welcomed by the Children and Staff, after wards they spent a good time speaking to them about Self Esteem and Confidence.

We as Miss Greater Kitara Beauty Pageant Ltd we continue to provide a platform for Unity, Empowering our Youths and Children plus promoting our Culture.

Last weekend Miss Greater Kitara Bunyoro 2022/23 Queen Kamuli Josemary led a team and visited Dorea Childcare Uganda that is located in Nansana, on 25th march 2023.

She was joined with the Mini Miss Greater Kitara Bunyoro 2021/22 Queen Atugonza Alisha who is now the current Tourism Queen Uganda and the Mini Miss Confidence MMU. Her target was to reach out to Children with growth and development disabilities. She realised most of the Children in this home were malnourished and so fragile, most of them cant walk, talk, hear or feel a thing. 65% of the Children are orphans and others with struggling single Parents. She started up a charity drive for the children and was able to buy items like rice, liquid soap, toilet papers, clothes, pampers, baby wipes.

Yesterday 16/01/2023 we carried out a Pre-back to School Charity in Mairirwe Village, Bugambe Sub County, Kikuube District as we celebrated the birthday of our CEO Kaitairima Brendah.

We were able to reach out to over 70 children with books, pens, pencils and T.P. We also used the moment to motivate these children about studying, listening to their parents, carried out menstrual hygiene lesions among others. We also celebrated with them our Directors birthday were we cut cake and sodas. Special thanks goes to the village leaders who mobilised and informed the children about our outreach, Kitara TV which moved with us and broad casted every moment with us live

As we kick off 2023, let’s remember to share the little we have with those who don’t have. “A heart that gives, gains favour before the Lord”.

Miss Greater Kitara Ankole 2022/23 and the 1st runner’s up Miss Greater Kitara 2022/23 Queen Halimah Dembe chose to end 2022 with her visit to the street children in Mbarara City where she shared with them various things, clothes, pads sugar, soap, rice among others.

As we celebrate a happy new year🎉🥳 join us to wish a happy birthday 🎂 🎉to Miss Greater Kitara Bunyoro 2022/23 Queen Kamuli Josemary.

Hope this new year and age blesses you with more happiness just as you are.

We would love to wish you all a blessed Merry Christmas 🎄and a prosperous new year.

From Miss Greater Kitara Beauty Pageant Ltd family to yours.

Thank you for the love and support you have all showered us with through 2022 and we look forward to working with you all come 2023.

“The most beautiful thing you can wear is confidence.”

Greetings from Miss Greater Kitara 2022/23 Queen Shantal Tusiime.

Today Queen Princessa frenisha Little Miss Greater Kitara 202223 met up with Miss Planet International Queens.

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

Mr Mini and Miss Greater Kitara Kings and Queens 2022 team hiking the mountains in the Greater Kitara Region.

Earlier today Miss Greater Kitara Bunyoro 2022/23 Queen Kamuli Josemary handed over the certificates of appreciation to our sponsors in the Mr/ Mini and Miss Greater Kitara 2022 Contest i.e Miika Eco Resort Hotel, AC_Events, Expression Saloon and Spa Hoima and Glory Bridals. We are thankful and grateful for every support each one of you contributed towards the success of our event.

We look forward to the future collaborations and partnerships to come.

About yesterday we would love to introduce to you our new Queens and Kings in the Mr/ Mini and Miss Greater Kitara 2022 contest.

We had three categories being Mr / Mini and Mr and we are proud to say that Byenkya Shaban won the crown as our Mr Greater Kitara 2022/22 followed by Baguma Tadeo who is now the Mr Greater Kitara Bunyoro 2022/23.

In the Miss Category, Tusiime Christine won the crown of Miss Greater Kitara 2022/23 and also 1st runner’s up Miss Greater Kitara Bunyoro 2022/23, Dembe Halimah 1st runner’s up Miss Greater Kitara as well as Miss Greater Kitara Ankole 2022/23, Kamuli Josemary 2rd runner’s up Miss Greater Kitara and Miss Greater Kitara Bunyoro 2022/23, Tumusiime Claudia Givens Miss Greater Kitara Kigezi 2022/23.

Mini Category Ngonzi Frenisha Princessa as Little Miss Greater Kitara and 1st runner’s up Little Miss Greater Kitara Tooro 2022/23, Murungi Alicia is the 1st runner’s up Little Miss Greater Kitara and Little Miss Greater Kitara Bunyoro 2022/23, Kyomugisa Joy Patience is the 2rd runner’s up Little Miss Greater Kitara 2022/23 and 1st runner’s up little miss Greater Kitara Bunyoro 2022/23, Kamukama Smiles Abwooli is the Little Miss Greater Kitara Tooro 2022/23.

We would love to thank each one of you who has walked with us since this contest started until yesterday when we finally ended it.

Special thanks goes to our Sponsors Miika Eco Resort Hotel thank you for opening your doors wide for us , we have been able to host this event in this prestigious Hotel at a free cost, they have sponsored the Venue, given us rooms were our dear Contestants who were crowned Queens and Kings slept, those who came from far yesterday.

Our dear Contestants have enjoyed swimming, using their Van Miika Adventures and Tours at a discounted price as well as taking free shoots from their premises.

What more can we ask from a Sponsor? Thank you so much the Directors and Management for such a kind heart of giving back to the community and your willingness to work with others.

Allow us to also thank our other sponsors AC Events which welcomed us with an open hand when we approached them for partnership, they have managed the crowning event at a free cost , May the Good Lord bless you .

Expression Saloon and Spa thank you for making up our beautiful Queens for free. We greatly appreciate.May the Lord bless you more and more.

Glory Bridals, she’s the lady behind the beautiful uniform dresses short and long the contestants showcased plus the cultural wears during their visit to the Royal tombs, we are proud of you may God bless you.

Dinkins hair she’s the woman behind the hair designs our contestants showcased styles at a free cost may the Almighty God bless you too.

We would love to thank Princess Kabatalesa Dalphine, Princess of Bunyoro Kitara Kingdom who joined us and helped to crown our Queens and Kings.

We are all set for the function, eagerly waiting for you to join us as we crown the Mr Mini and Miss Greater Kitara 2022 Queens and Kings.

At the Bunyoro Kitara Headquarters.

Bunyoro Kingdom is the mother to all other Regions and Kingdoms that belong to the Greater Kitara Empire.

The visit to Mparo Royal Tombs by the Miss Greater Kitara Contestants.

One of our key aim is promoting Culture of the Greater Kitara Land and we were blessed to visit the Royal tombs of our Idle Omukama Kabaleega.

Today our dear Contestants visited Moonlight Primary School found in Bunyoro Kingdom.

The Contestants gave out books and pens to the pupils, taught them the need to study and they had a good time with them.

Let’s all catch up tomorrow live Miika Eco Resort Hotel from 1:00pm to evening.

Miss Greater Kitara Contestants visit to Kibiro Hot Springs.

In this place there’s also salt mining and processing done that’s why it’s called a salt garden. The fact that the springs’ water is salty means it flowing over salty soils therefore suggests the existence salt and the locals use the traditional means to mine it and traditional processing methods to get pure salt which ready for human.

The entre process involves the local people sprinkling dry soil over that already moist soil along the water channel and this is to dry up the moist soil so you can easily pick out the salt from the soil.

To be able to get pure salt without soil in it, you will need to collect that salty soil, placed it in a big sieve which is placed on top of a bigger bucket or anything like a container.

Then, you have to pour water in to this salty soil in the sieve and wait for the salty water to sieve through into the container leaving the soil behind as the residue.

You have to boil that salt solution until all you have is salt crystals and it will turn into big cones.

The water here is also very hot and it can cook eggs, potatoes in few minutes.

The count down is on, one day left to the grand finale and the Contestants are busy getting set to welcome you this saturday at Miika Eco Resort Hotel.

A moment of Radio interviews with the Contestants and team. Warming up for tomorrow 29th Saturday live at Miika Eco Resort Hotel gates open from 1:00pm until evening at only 20,000 ordinary, 50,000 VIP and 200,000 a table.

A moment at Lake Albert, visit Greater Kitara Land. The land blessed with beautiful natural features.

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